Best RDP Sites To Buy Server in 2024

You are in the middle of an important meeting and urgently need a vital file to present. Here’s where you juggle like a ball from one device to another, navigating across different locations on your devices to find the file. The file is saved on your office computer, but you work remotely! It is not another consequence ofBuyRDPAdmin working from home but a point where you start looking for the best RDP sites.

It’s because such a situation calls for the requirement of a Remote Desktop Protocol. The latter lets you access and control a computer from another location, bridging the gap between your devices. Understanding the vitality of RDPs, it’s essential to choose the correct one, and we have covered you with it!

10 Best RDP Sites

There are various RDP sites available in the market. Amongst these, you would be looking for an unregrettable purchase. We have reviewed and tested many servers and prepared the list from our experience.

Below-mentioned is a list of the same:

1] BuyRDPAdmin

How about the best site to buy RDP with admin access that gives you fast speed during operations and data transfer?

If this impresses you, BuyRDPAdmin is the perfect option for your list!

The site lets you buy RDP with admin access, which grants you special privileges that don’t interfere with any of the operations. Further, its RDP servers operate on NVMe, which is even faster than an SSD, and hence, you don’t have to see the buffering icon.In case you know what NVMe is, then you can check here!

Thus, all your services would be processed faster.

Moreover, it even has a 10 Gbps data transfer speed that’s lightning fast. Thus, you don’t have to wait on the percentage bar anymore!


Besides, it has RDP servers at various locations. These include the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, India, Netherlands, and France.

When choosing an RDP site, you should consider keeping your data, communication, and operations secure. Here’s where its Private IPv4 would protect your network from cyber-attacks.

No matter if you host any site, it will protect you in terms of performance and efficiency. This is because it has AMD and Intel CPUs, and you can choose one that suits your needs. The best part is that you get unlimited bandwidth, which helps you transfer data, connect to any network, and import/export it without boundaries.

2] OperaVPS

How about RDP, which has RDP over 21 locations in the world?

If yes, then OperaVPS provides you with that so you can choose the location suitable for your needs!

The moment you buy your RDP, it installs the Windows Operating System on the VPS within 10-15 minutes automatically. Further, OperaVPS provides you with a secure and reliable remote desktop connection. Thus, if you are looking for an RDP with a lesser delay time, then it’s for you!


Additionally, it is a pre-configured RDP, so you don’t have to do a hassle while reconfiguring it. It uses a high-speed SSD, and you can even test it per your preferences. This even provides a 1GBPS port speed with dedicated IPv4 privacy.

3] AmazingRDP

Are you looking for a pre-optimized Fresh RDP without additional tweaks? 

If yes, then AmazingRDP is something that you must check out!

The developers have already set it for optimum performance before you buy. Thus, when you get its delivery, you can use it without any configurations and settings. So, I provide you with an optimized user experience.

Moreover, you get full admin access, and hence, for any additional installations, you don’t have to wait for approval. You get a full control panel and can have different locations to choose from! These include the UK, USA, France, Canada and more.


But if it has a lesser variety of RDPs and due to pre-optimized Fresh RDP, its charges are pretty costly compared to others.

4] HomeRDP

Do you want an RDP that operates merely on a Windows 2012 server?

If yes, then HomeRDP is one of the best services to check out, which provides you with a specialized CPU and dedicated memory. Further, it supports 8 locations worldwide and the major tier 1 countries.

You get 4GB RAM, and to upgrade it, you have to pay thrice the original amount, which makes it pricey. HomeRDP is faster for naive users and provides customer service support 24/7 and Admin access.


Besides, you get faster delivery and multiple universal payment options. In case of any discrepancies, it provides you with a 48-hour money-back guarantee. However, it doesn’t enable RDP by default and is quite expensive.

5] 99RDP

How about an RDP through which you can benefit from an unused IP and have superior functionality?

If yes, then 99RDP is one of the must-checks under your list!

99RDP provides a clean and fresh RDP and is committed to providing quality services. Further, there are no restrictions over the data access and transfer as it comes with an unlimited bandwidth.

Along with it, the 99RDP comes with a full-admin access plan and is affordable. You can buy the server through various methods, and it has locations in the USA, Germany, France, and Canada.


For customer support, you can contact the team anytime via Skype, WhatsApp, or Telegram. Further, you get instant delivery with advanced features and don’t have to suffer from overloaded servers due to its apt organization and clean network.

However, for its affordable plans, you don’t get admin access.

6] TryRDP

If you are looking for an RDP that uses the latest hardware, then TryRDP is a must-check under your list! 

It provides remote desktop solutions across different locations worldwide.  With the latest Intel/AMD processor, you can choose which Windows Server version you want. Besides, it is fast as well. Further, the server you select is automatically set up on the RDP by default.


Apart from instant setup, it provides servers in different locations by targeting locations like the USA, UK, India, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and more. It gives you a user control panel with full support 24/7. You can purchase it from pinions like Credit and Debit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal  UPI, Bank Transfer, and similar.

However, it doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee and supports only a single user with admin access.

7] Cloudzy

How about an RDP site which caters to large-scale business needs with reliability?

If yes, then Cloudzy is a must-check under your list!

It promises a reliable and secure RDP hosting service that requires minimal hardware and provides a low-latency network. It gives no time lag and hence suits the user preferences.


The RDP comes with comprehensive admin access and provides pre-activated RDP service. Further, you don’t need to install Windows as it’s preinstalled for free. Select the Windows Server version you want, and Cloudzy will tailor it accordingly.

You can use multiple accounts on the server, and it even works as a VPS. Though it’s not pre-setup, the process will take only 5 minutes.

Besides, it is available at 15 global locations and works on NVMe and DDR4 RAM devices. Despite its features, the RDP is quite affordable to buy.

8] RDPWindows

What if you get a RDP server that’s pocket-friendly?

If yes, then RDPWindows is one such site to buy RDP. It’s cost-effective as it provides limited services. For a more comprehensive service-oriented plan, you can choose the one with advanced features.

Besides, its services operate on a faster SSD disk and provide full-time customer support.


For 2GB RAM, you have to avail a premium plan, and it otherwise doesn’t come with admin access. You will have to pay an amount to avail it if you want! Further, it supports only two locations.

9] RDPArena

How about an RDP server that focuses on preventing server overloading?

If yes, then RDPArena is a must-check out on the list!

It provides optimum performance and faster speed by limiting the server loads.

Besides, its server is available in several locations, including the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands, and Germany. Its plan starts from $15 per month, which gives you a 64 GB RAM and Windows 2008 server.


But one downside is that it does not provide admin access. So you cannot install applications and software. Besides, there’s no refund policy.

Like the other servers, it does provide 24/7 technical support so you can uninterruptedly. One of the remarkable aspects is that it comes with a Firewall setup.

Further, the uptime is also 99.9%, but it has limited plans to choose from. If you want to customize significantly, then it’s not for you!


How about having the latest RDP server, whose model is focused on providing seamless services without any issues?

Well, you would think that almost all the sites claim to do so, but how is this different?

GPURDP uses data analysis and similar strategies to identify the issues in RDP servers, calculate their probability, and accordingly tailor for a smooth experience. These issues vary and can be anything like slow loading of services, lag in data processing, and similar.

Apart from coping with such issues, its services begin from a nominal price. There’s unlimited bandwidth for data transfer available, and you can configure it immediately after activation.


The developers also ensure they protect the site against cyber attacks and implement stringent security measures.

But you don’t get admin access in its plans, and it doesn’t serve multiple locations, but only a Europe server is available.

Things To Consider While Buying An RDP

Nothing is ideal, and every service has its pros and cons. After looking at various servers, you would be confused about the best site to buy RDP. Well, it’s apparent, but you should know your preferences and some factors to consider while choosing an RDP.

Below mentioned are some factors to consider while choosing an RDP:

1] Performance and Scalability

You must first decide the purpose for which you need an RDP server. Consider your organizational needs, like enterprise size and the load you will be putting on, and accordingly analyze. Also, it’s essential to consider the hardware requirements of RDP.

The chosen RDP should handle all your technical resources. You should know the amount of RAM required and even the desired storage unit. Besides, your personnel should be comfortable in using it.

Furthermore, businesses are prone to ups and downs. Your needs would increase or decrease as per your net worth, and hence, the RDP server should be scalable.

2] Security

Servers are prone to attacks, and enterprises or flourishing brands are at their epicenter. Here’s where you should consider the server’s security measures, which include security updates, private IPv4, encryption algorithms, intrusion detection, etc.

3] Technical Support 

Using RDP servers and maintaining them isn’t a cakewalk; you need high-end technical expertise. Despite its usage and operations, you would find it difficult if you faced any issues. Hence, ensure a RDP server with 24/7 technical support at your convenience.

4] Price

Though price is not something that decides the effectiveness of an RDP server, you should consider it. Everyone has a specific budget allocated for different purposes, and accordingly, choose which suits you!

Moreover, even if it falls within your budget, you should ensure the price is worth the features and service.

5] Bandwidth 

Another essential factor that many of you miss is the data bandwidth that can be transferred from your device to the server. Always assess your needs and the bandwidth you require. Preferably, going for unlimited bandwidth of data transfer works well.

6] Data Transfer Speed

An uninterrupted network on the RDP server is what you would need. Therefore, always go for an RDP server that provides faster speed. For instance, if you run an IT firm or similar, then a speed of nearly 10 Gbps would be apt for you!

7] Server Location 

One of the crucial factors is server location. Consider the server location you need and whether the site you choose has a server for that particular place or not. Most of you would want a server location in the USA, but the one you select might not offer it. Therefore, always look at the specifications.

8] Admin Access and Shared RDP

Consider whether you need an RDP server with Admin access or a Shared RDP. When you proceed with the former, you get an administrator account, and you can install anything without any restrictions. Also, you get a dedicated IP and almost minimal restrictions.

In contrast, Shared RDP will give you a super account on the server, no shared IP, and some limitations. For installations and configurations, you will need admin approval to ensure you don’t use excess resources. Therefore, consider which one is suitable for you! An RDP with admin access is always good to go.

The Bottom Line: Best Site To Buy RDP

If you were looking for the best RDP sites, then you would have got your answer! There are various factors to consider, like performance and scalability, security, technical support, and price. After considering these, consider secondary aspects like speed, unlimited bandwidth, and kind of processing. Here’s where BuyRDPAdmin covers you all!

Frequently Asked Questions

I need an RDP for my business, but I’m not sure which site to trust. Are there any recommended providers?

If you are a beginner and don’t have many needs, then you can go for IONOS, which is affordable and supports all the basic features. However, if you have many requirements, then go for BuyRDPAdmin. Best RDP Sites

I’m not sure which RDP configuration is right for me. Can I get help choosing one?

Yes, when choosing an RDP server, always consider some crucial factors and whether the one you select meets your needs or not. Assess the site for performance and scalability, security, technical support, price, bandwidth, data transfer speed, server location, and whether it provides admin access.

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